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ventilation and indoor environment solutions for homes and buildings

We love good #indoorairquality

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Ventilation Servicing

Look after your ventilation system and it will look after you. 
We service all makes, models and types of ventilation system including;

  • MVHR Heat Recovery
  • MEV Central Extract
  • PIV Positive Input Ventilation
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Fans

We can help diagnoise and fix any issues you may be experiencing
Prices start from £149.00

Service Options & Pricing

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Home Ventilation Systems

From a single home to large scale development - we can design and install ventilation systems and solutions -  we’ll help ensure Building Regulations are met and homes and buildings are fresh, comfortable and maintain good indoor air quality.  We are specialists in everything ventillation and the indoor environment.

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Plant Based Power

We're all about improving indoor air quality and keeping your system and home healthy!  To reduce unnecessary pollutants entering your home when servicing your ventilation system we have introduced the use of toxic-free plant-based cleaners.

Our AIRATA™ products offer exceptional levels of clean and are brewed with essential oils wthat offer natural anti-bacterial properties - no synthetic fragrances here! 

Available to Buy from our partner site The Air Shop

#nontoxichome #allergyfriendly 


MVHR Filters and More

We've partnered with The Air Shop to bring you all your ventilation products and accessories. Shop for bathroom and kitchen fans, PIV positive pressure, MVHR units and a wide range of MVHR Filters.

The Air Shop also offers a range of products to help reduce allergies and improve the air your breathe in your home including virus zapping air purifiers for your bedrooms and living areas to humidifiers and chemical free cleaning proucts that clean without pollutants!

The Air Shop

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Eliminate Mould & Condensation Issues

Condensation is almost always linked to poor and ineffective ventilation - let's face it, in todays modern and upgraded and insulated homes, opening the window often isn't enough (no wants the pollution from outside either) and even though a fan is whirring away in the corner of the bathroom, how much air is it actually moving?

Let us get to the root cause of the issue in your home for good.
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What’s wrong with my ventilation system?

If your system is noisy, it's not clearing the air, lights are flashing or you have condensation issues use our diagnosis tool to help try and pinpoint what the problem might be - give us your details and we'll be in touch.

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Summer Cool.

Feeling hot? Uncomfortable?  
We design, install and maintain air conditioning systems for homes and buildings and offer a range of system types from a range of market leading manufacturers.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance from £90.00*

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Sign up & Save - Pay Monthly

Care about your air and comfort and spread the cost of your annual ventilation system servicing to ensure good indoor air quality and keep condensation and mould away!

We've created a range of Annual Servicing plans for MVHR (Heat Recovery), MEV (Central Extract) and PIV (Positive Pressure) units offering beneftis including;

  • 1, 2 or 3 Year Options
  • Monthly Payment by Direct Debit
  • Fixed Prices for the term of the plan
  • Consistency of service level every year

Annual Service Plan T&C's

System Commissioning

Building Regulation compliant ventilation commissioning for residential properties.
We offer full domestic system commissioning for ducted ventilation systems including MEV and MVHR systems.  
All engineers are BPEC and NICEIC certified.

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Landlords - let us take care of the air in your properties

Todays' modern homes have whole house ventilation systems that require specialist skills to identify and fix issues and provide annual servicing in the most efficient way.  With over 13,000 installations completed, there isn't much we don't know.

Let us take care of your ventilation needs - proactively or reactively - we have the answers, understanding and experience to work with you and your properties on everything ventilation.

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