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Ventilation in your home

Modern homes have whole house, central mechanical ventilation systems that work to keep your home fresh and comfortable and free from condensation and mould.

The more energy efficient your home, the more effective ventilation is required for a good level of indoor air quality.

MVHR Heat Recovery and MEV Central Extract systems are common ventilation systems that are installed. They work continuously to remove pollutants and bring in fresher, replacement air.

We've developed simple homeowner guides to explain the following;

  • Beneftis of the ventilation system in your home
  • What the system is and how it works
  • How to control the system for optimum comfort
  • Annual servicing and maintenance requirements

Ventilation Homeowner Guides

MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation
Whole house supply and extract system
Buy Replacement MVHR Filters

How does Heat Recovery Work

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MEV - Central Extract Ventilation
Whole house extract only system

How does MEV work

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Ventilation Product Manuals

How do I reset the heat recovery filter light?
What does that flashing green light mean?
How do I activate the summer by-pass?
How do I change the humidity setting?

If you have a question about your ventilation system and want to understand more about how it works and how to control it, we've created a library of the important product manuals, operation instructions and maintenance guides that may help you.

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Ventilation System Servicing Options


Heat Recovery Service



More info
  • Full comprehensive service of your heat recovery system including clean/sanitise unit, valves, duct connections and new supply/extract filters
  • Airflow testing/rebalancing and service report
  • SAVE £20.00 today with our online quote and pay tool 
  • We are experienced with all makes and models;
    Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic 
    Greenwood HR155/HR185, HRV1/HRV2 
    Zehnder ComforAir & ComfoCool, CA155WM, CA185WM
    Nuaire MRXBOX ECO2/ECO3/ECo4
    Titon HRVQPlus 
    Envirovent Energisava
    and many more...

    Call on 033 0223 4180
    Send Service Enquiry
    Service Price based on Location/Property Size/Bedrooms


Central Extract Service



More info
  • Full comprehensive service, clean and sanitisation of your home MEV extract system
  • SAVE £20.00 Today with our online quote and pay tool
  • We are experienced with all makes and models;
    Vent Axia Multivent/Sentinel Kinetic Multivent
    Greenwood Centair CMEV4/HT and CMF
    Nuaire MEVDC
    Titon CMEQ Plus
    Envirovent Spider
    Zehnder CMEV
    and many more...
  • Call on 033 0223 4180
    Send Serivce Enquiry
    Service price based on location/property type


Positive Input Service



More info
  • Full comprehensive service, clean and sanitisiation of your positive input ventilation system including filter change*
  • We are experienced with all makes and models including;

    Nuaire Drimaster/Flatmaster
    Vent Axia Pozidry/PureAir Home
    Envirovent AtMOST
  • Call on 033 0233 4180 to book or ask questions
    Prices vary based on location and property type


Bathroom/Kitchen Fans



More info
  • Clean and sanitisation of extract fan/s, ducting, grilles and airflow testing (is it doing what it should?)
  • We are experienced with all makes and models including (not limited to);
  • Greenwood Airvac
    Vent Axia
  • Call on 033 0233 4180 if you want to speak to our servicing team 
    +£20.00 for Congestion Zone Post Codes

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