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850 Apartment Project - Royal Wharf

One the largest projects we have delivered!

Developer:     Ballymore
HRV:               MEV Central Extract Ventilation (1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments)

Project Details:
This large scale and fast paced build programme needed extensive planning, attention to detail and excellent communication throughout the project as we had a number of teams working simultaneously.  Everything was managed through our bespoke project management and customer portal tool – my.HRV.  A project of this size can generate in excess of 3000 documents including individual plot designs, method statements,  first and second fix certificates and the final Domestic Ventilation Compliance certificates for Building Contro

PassivHaus - Homes for the future

BRE Innovation Park

Client:            The Brick ECO house (Wienerberger Bricks PassivHaus Pilot) 
HRV:               Full MVHR Heat Recovery Service

Project Details
The BRE Innovation park houses a selection of forward thinking, eco houses that demonstrate a range of different approachesfor houses for the future.  We were invovled in the installing the MVHR system in the PassivHaus pilot house - a fundamental part of the PassivHaus principle!

PVHR™ - Purge Ventilation Solution

Cost effective solution for overheating planning condition

Client:     Chase New Homes 
         Xerox Building - Redevelopment 
Product: MEV, MVHR & Purge Requirement - Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic 
HRV:        Installation & Commissioning: Introduction of PVHR™ methodology

Project Details
The Xerox development site was change of use and new build plots.  We advised on and successfully installed a mix of ventilation methodologies in addition to designing a bespoke insulated duct component to ensure regulatory compliance and in keeping with the the aesthetic finish of the original building – a requirement of the architects.

On some plots there was a requirement for intermittent purge rates due to risk of overheating.  Using our PVHR™ methodology we were able to achieve the required rates, saving our client significant costs in product and installation. The methodlogy uses the standard MVHR unit without having to increase duct size of site additional mechanical fans.

Read more about PVHR™ from HRV


Case Study - One Palace Street

Prestigious, high specification new build apartments

Client:      Lorne Stewart for Balfour Beaty - A Northacre Development
          No 1. Palace Street
Product:  72 Apartments: MVHR - Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic Range
HRV:         Installation & Commissioning - high specification apartments 

Project Details
Providing the perfect backdrop to city living and a view towards Buckingham Palace, number one palace street is a luxurious development of 72 apartment with a high specificion finish. We installed and commissioned a Heat Recovery Units for each individual apartment at this prestigious development.

One Palace Street


PassivHaus New Build - Chester Balmore

Low Energy, High Performance Housing

Client:            Willmott Dixon
HRV:               Full MVHR Heat Recovery Installation

Project Details
53 MVHR units installed in large scale passivhaus new build development - a fundamental part of the PassivHause principle.

Green Park - New Build

New Build MEV Installation

Client:            Berkeley Homes and Home Installations (M&E Contractor)
HRV:               Central Extract Ventilation Systems - Installation and Commissioning

Project Details
At Green Park Village we were responsible for the delivery of both residential and commerical ventilation strategies across the new build site.  This included the supply, install and commissioning of 225 Central Extract Systems in addition to the ventilation provision for a salon, shop, kitchen and additional commerical premises.

Planned Maintenance - MVHR & Ducting

MVHR Servicing & Ducting Deep Clean

Client:            YHN
Product:        Social Housing MVHR Annual Servicing
HRV:               Full MVHR Heat Recovery Service and Ducting Sanitisation

Project Details
Small retirement development in Newcastle required MVHR Heat Recovery Servicing which extended to a full anti-bacterial sanitisation of the ducting network.  The fan motors, heat recovery cube and air valves were cleaned and sanitised and new replacement filters provided for supply and extract air.  Following this a hgh grade bio-fogging process was used to clean the ducting.  All systems were airflow tested and balanced.  All tenants recieved information on how the system worked effectively to keep condensation and mould eliminated and to help improve indoor air quality

New Build MVHR

Large Scale Ventilation Package

Client:            Barratt Homes London in partnership with  Barnet Homes 
Contractor:  Home Installations 
                West Hendon 
Product:        274 Plots of MVHR - Heat Recovery Ventlation
HRV:               Design Support, Installation and Commissioning

Project Details
Regenration of West Hendon new build development.  We installed MVHR systems to all properties and the entire project was managed via my.HRV, our bespoke customer portal which offers full accessibility of project status, sign off forms (first fix/second fix) and Domestic Ventilation Compliance certificates.  We also provide all of the relevant operation and maintenance manuals and a HRV Homeowner guide for handover.

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